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From an owner of this watch.

I actually own this watch and I am wearing it as I type. This is known to be one of the hardest to get watches. Authorized dealers are given ONE per year (actually two, but one is black-faced, and one is white faced). The white faced is the most demanded, thus more rare. I waited over a year to get mine, and only by luck did I get mine. The 116520 is milestone of Rolex's success. It signifies the start of a new era for Rolex... in which EVERY watch, EVERY component, and EVERY piece is made entirely by Rolex across all watches in their production. Until the year 2000, the Daytona's internal components were made by Zenith & Valjoux (still great quality, but not made by Rolex).

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This watch retails (at the moment I am writing) for about seven grand. If you want the watch now... you will have to pay over ten to twelve grand. If you want to wait 2-3 years on a waiting list (if you can even find a dealer who has one, usually they only sell this watch to customers who have bought other Rolex's and don't hold a waiting list) then go to an authorized dealer and do so. Be careful who you buy this watch from, as fakes are getting better and better. If you do buy one, be sure to take it to an AD (Authorized Dealer) to ensure it is Authentic. If you think this watch is expensive now... wait 5-10 years... it will be worth more than a house in today's standards. Rolex increases the cost of their watches every year by 7-20%, so this watch is going to go up in value... don't trust me... watch the prices go up for yourself and see.
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Along with new Rolex's going up in price... your used Rolex does too... eventually your used Rolex is worth more than you bought it new and you can sell it to break even or make profit... and thus the reason that so many collect these timepeices. Of course... if you want to invest your money... you can find a lot greater returns at a bank or financial advisor than in a Rolex.

If you buy this watch above MSRP, you are giving someone a LOT of money... wheras when you buy from Rolex... a large portion of the money goes to Charity... just a FYI.

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Details on the watch - The Calibre 4130 (the movement inside the watch) is already being praised by watch authorities as one of the TOP 10 movements ever created... for it's simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency. It uses less components than other models and is very rugged... this is a watch you could wear jackhammering everyday all year and not have to worry about it breaking.

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By Clarence Harrell

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